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Michael Easton as Caleb Morley
When Michael Easton joined the cast of Port Charles on May 11th 2000 in the duel role of Michael Morley,the priest,and Caleb Morley,the vampire,fans were immediatly drawn to him.Read on to learn more about the man who has captured the hearts f the fans!


Michael Easton portrays vampire Caleb Morley on ABC's Port Charles.Here is a capture from his appearance on the View where he shows the ladies his fangs! Here's a short bio on the man we've grown to love!

Birthplace: Long Beach, California
Birthdate: February 15th, 1967

Born in California to Irish parents, Michael Easton attended prep school in Ireland and England before studying English and history at the University of California and film at New York University.

A man of many talents, Michael was the writer/producer/director/editor of the award winning festival film "Daedalus is Dead, " and he appeared in "The Door" at the Tamarind Theater. He has written several screenplays including a bio-pic, "Monty", about the late actor Montgomery Clift. Michael enjoys acting, directing, writing, martial arts, gymnastics, and motorcycles and he is often called to do his own stunts.

When he's not traveling, Michael makes his home in Los Angeles, where he is currently working on his first novel.


Fans don't care who he plays just as long as Michael Eastons stays!Here's a little bit of info about his current character,sexy vampire,Caleb Morley!
Caleb was one of a long line of vampires from Transylvania many years ago. When he was grown up he fell in love with a beautiful woman named Olivia. She fell in love with him but when he confided in her that he was a vampire and wanted her to become one too when they got married, she was mortified of him and refuse to marry him. He killed her without taking her blood when she tried to get away from him and refused to marry him. However, Caleb's obsession with the beautiful Olivia didn't go away.

Caleb also had a kinder, gentler alter-ego, named Michael, who was like another personality he manifested to try to suppress Caleb's evilness. Michael was acting like a priest, and living in an abandoned monastery in the woods. He was living an isolated life to keep people from learning about his evil side, Caleb. However, his isolation didn't stop him from running into another woman who was suddenly staying at some cabin nearby. He watched her out in the woods chopping wood for a fire. He came upon her and introduced himself. Her name was Dr. Eve Lambert, a doctor at General Hospital. She was staying there to do some thinking about her life, and hoping her new love, Ian would find her there. Eve befriended Michael/Caleb. Michael gave her advice about her new complicated relationship with Ian and her divorce from Kevin Collins. Meanwhile, the Caleb side of his persona had entranced and enslaved sweet nurse Gabriella Garza, ruining her relationship with boyfriend Joe and leading everyone to puzzle over her wild behavior.

Michael couldn't conceal his secret forever. Eve wandered to the monastery to see Michael one day. She saw Caleb, who scared Eve and held her hostage. Eventually, Michael became the more dominant personality and freed Eve. He told Eve that he has a twin brother named Caleb, who is sick and dangerous and needs to be locked up. Eve buys his story and feels worried about his own safety. Soon after, she invites Michael to live with her and Ian, after he marries them at the monastery, and the place is destroyed by a fire at Caleb's hands. Michael's interest in Eve gets the attention of Ian, who is suspicious of Michael and thinks Michael is in love with Eve secretly and because he is a priest won't admit it. Ian warns Michael to stay away from Eve after he learns about Caleb and how dangerous he is. Michael finds himself having a hard time keeping Caleb's personality in control and the two personalities face off. Caleb knows that Michael is in love with Eve, and uses her to get to Michael. Michael gives Eve an amulet necklace to help protect her from Caleb's evil. He tells her he wants her to have it as a spiritual gift for a friend. Eve soon learns that the necklace is for protection against Caleb. Eve enlists the help of her ex-husband, Kevin Collins to help her when Michael's actions start to worry her. With Kevin's help, they figure out that Michael and Caleb are one in the same person. However, by then, Caleb sees a young girl in the woods not far from the monastery. He is captivated by her as he watches her with her boyfriend, Jack.

After Jack was near-death from a motorcycle crash, Caleb finished him off. Unknowingly, he made him one of the undead (not a vampire until he tasted human blood). Caleb met Livvie in an alleyway during an emotional breaking point for her. He began exerting a hypnotic, erotic influence over her, slowly convincing her to abandon her family, boyfriend, and friends, to spend the rest of her days with him. He even conjured up an image of her comatose mother to convince her that Caleb was her future. The only step left to take was waiting for Eve to give birth to her son, and kidnapping him.

Those close to Livvie were eventually clued into what was going on. In a final battle at the hospital, Caleb played with their minds and attempted to kill them, as Lucy (who found out she is a vampire slayer) tried to kill him. Ultimately, on the hospital roof, the "good" side of Caleb - Michael - broke through after pleading from Eve, and summoned a bolt of lightning to destroy himself and Caleb.

Caleb's many victims breathed a sigh of relief, thinking their torment was over. They were wrong.

Each couple began experiencing feelings of doubt, of insecurity, seeds that fertilized and grew with each week. What they didn't realize was that Caleb had planted those seeds, and was growing stronger every time they succumbed to their need to argue, to cast blame and throw accusations.

Livvie was in the center of the storm, because she was doing Caleb's dirty work for him. Pretending to be a small child, a long-lost love, everything. She had no control over herself. Caleb then forced her to kill Lucy.

Celebrating his return to corporeal form, Caleb drew those he hated to a restaurant called Tempted, planning to destroy them all. His grand finale turned against him when he discovered Lucy's death had been faked, and Livvie had managed to break free of his enthrallment of her. She drove a stake through Caleb's heart, ending his reign of terror.
But things changed when Port Charles' nineth book,Naked Eyes came around and Caleb returned to town as mysterious rocker,Stephen Clay.He immediatly hit it off with Alison's mother Elizabeth and arranged a big concert in the park to reviel himself to Port Charles.Needless to say,he shocked them all.He spent alot of time trying to convince people that he wasn't Caleb but we were shown the truth when he bit Elizabeth,turning her.As Surrender began,Caleb made Elizabeth his bride but still he pined after Olivia and used every oppurtnity that arose to try and get her back.After trying and failing,he settled for Tess but soon realized that Olivia needed to be whole so he brought back the whole Olivia,the good and the bad.When at last they were free to be together he bit her,making her what she wanted to be:a vampire.They were finally free to be together the way they wanted to be until disaster struck.Caleb was pushed into the healing spring and healed from his vampirism.The only problem was the Olivia was still a vampire.Then they(Olivia,Caleb,Rafe and Alison)were all held by Joshua in the Villa.Olivia used the ring to help Rafe so his magic would work and he could get the keys to the cells.Only problem was he had no intention of freeing Olivia.He kept her key hidden so Caleb,loving Olivia so much,went to confront Joshua and get the key to save her.But Joshua had other plans and he slit Caleb's throat!Rendered helpless all he could think about was Olivia and her safety.She was set free by Joshua and Kevin,her father who was under Joshua's controll,gave Joshua her only protection:Caleb's vampire ring.Joshua gave Olivia blood to satisfy her hunger and she later learned that he had poisione dher fangs.Now Caleb and Olivia are living with the fact that she cannot bite him or he will die but both of them are still hopeful that one day the curse will be broken and they can get back to what they want:Eternity together!

Caleb Morley and Olivia Locke Were a match made in heaven...or was it hell?Whatever the case,they have captured the hearts of fans young and old:)

Together Olivia
Bound to eachother
Through the ages
To come of your own free will
Both our souls tied in eternity
Above and Beyond death itself
A pact of blood
Mingling the essence of our love
We are one,everlasting
-Caleb Morley to Olivia Locke