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Welcome to Eternal Soulmates!
This is my site dedicated to the fabulos pairing of Olivia Locke(Kelly Monaco)and Caleb Morley(Michael Easton)On the ABC soap opera Port Charles!



It is my honor to inform you all that Crissy has agreed to be co manager of Eternal Soulmates!Welcome Crissy!Here's a little bit of an introduction:

My name is Crissy and as Tara said above I will be taking care of her site for her while she is on vacation. I am a devoted Caleb and Olivia fan as well as a devoted Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco fan. I love Port Charles and I hope that I do a good job for everyone. I am happy to help anyone that I can. I can be contacted at if anyone has any questions or need help. Thank you and I will enjoy talking to you all!!

Thank you Crissy!I know you will be a great addition to the site!


December 17th 2003
OMG Where the hell have I been? Lemme tell I am back in school and things are moving full steam ahead and I'm being pulled into a lot of things and therefore, I haven't been able to update as I would like to. Hopefully the new year will be a little less stressful and then I will be back
For those who visit, I am so sorry for lack of updates. I hope to change that in January though:)
Best wishes for the holidays

Colivia.gif?dc=4675438125497951047Tara's Blog
Well it's been a while since I updated anything but I am still around. School is really keeping me extremely busy. I can't wait for Christmas break! I'll finally have some time to breathe. Anyway, I only had a minute to pop in so this'll be short:) Happy holidays to you all:)

Although Caleb and Olivia will no longer "be" as of October 3rd 2003 I do still plan to keep this site up.It'll merely be a tribute site to the fabulos pairing.Fan fics will still be added(as I will continue to write)as will fan art and any other Caleb and Olivia things I can come up with.I will also keep you all up to date on what is happening with Michael and Kelly(although I will not be watching OLTL or GH.)

About My Site
In Tainted Love,Michael Easton joined the cast of Port Charles as the sexy vampire,Caleb Morley.He became smitten with the lovely Olivia Locke,protrayed by Kelly Monaco,and the tale of romance began.For two arcs,we watched their romance blossom until the finale of Tempted,when she staked him.Many thought they saw the end of Caleb Morley,however he made his return in the nineth book,Naked Eyes and he was still pining for Olivia.By the end of surrender,the happy couple was reunited and now they are facing many of the obsticles a soap supercouple!

Get Involved!
Have fan art to donate?Or maybe a slide show?A fan fic?If you have something you would like to see on the site, email Tara( or Crissy( and we will make sure that it is added to the site:)

We are in no way affilated with Kelly Monaco,Michael Easton or Port Charles.We are merely fans and this is merely a fan site.We recieve no profit for it nor do we wish to.We are just fans who enjoy the characters of Caleb and Olivia:)
~Tara and Crissy,Managers of Eternal Soulmates

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